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    Welcome to Rocky Plains, LLP, a local, family-owned supplier of all-natural products direct to consumers. Our meats taste better, and are better for you, because the animals are raised as they were intended - roaming wide open spaces with no chemicals. We invite you to see and taste the difference.

At our stores, you'll find:

Bison - Steaks, Roasts and Burgers

Pork - Chops, Roasts, Ribs, Bacon and Sausages

Lamb - Lamb Chops, Rack of Lamb and Leg of Lamb

Chicken - Whole Chickens, Boneless Skinless Breasts, Thigh & Leg Combinations and Farm Fresh Eggs & Organic Eggs

Fish - Copper River Salmon & North Pacific Halibut

Turkey - Ground Turkey and Boneless Skinless Breasts

Beef - Steaks, Roasts, Burgers & Organ Meats

Elk - Steaks & Burgers

Raw Milk - Shares of Raw Cow Milk from 'R Patch 'O Heaven

Raw Cheese - All-Natural Amish Cheese in a Variety of Flavors

Pet Treats - Bison Liver Treats, Biscotti, Gluten-Free Pet Treats and Marrow Bones